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         Welcome to Dr Merrifield's Virtual Dispensary. We look forward to
         giving our patients access to clinic products to help heal, repair and
         create optimal health.
         NOTE: (Some products are only available through the clinic).

         The Full Plate Weight Loss Program is a common sense, 7-step
         process to help you slim down using high fiber whole foods
         It is a plant based program with recipes, blogs and support for those
         choosing this way of eating. We exchange the grains for more protein.

         How many TOXINS are you getting from your
         environment: cosmetics, cleaning, garden, hobby
         products etc.? EWG has a treasure chest of
         information for you. 

Download a free pocket guide on how to buy clean produce
        H20 at home products. 
Micky Mossbruker,  a H2O at Home Independent Advisor will answer any questions and help you get the best cost for any needs you have   She is a wealth of knowledge. You can TEXT or CALL her at 509-554-3757

  • Health News from conferences and journals. Drug Databases. Picture Library. Merck manuals have been used for decades by students & health care providers.

  • Health planning tips/strategies: Insurance, Library, Activity/Blood Sugar/ Blood Pressure TrackersCare-giving.

  • Rx Drug Information. Herbs. OTC Meds. Health Topics. Videos on Surgery. Anatomy. Senior Health Info.

  • www.wheatbellyblog.comand the Grain Brain by Dr Perlmutter. We have  integrated some of these concepts into the practice for over 15 years. Read about Modern and processed Wheat Grain as a potential cause of: Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases, Arthritis, Heart attacks, Strokes, Dementia, Obesity, Blood Sugar, Bone loss, Fatigue, Moods, Allergies, etc. Understand how 'cultural agribusiness changes'  effects our health. Wheat Bellyby Preventive Cardiologist,Dr William Davis, provides useful information.  He opens up the field for more study.  Because chronic illness is multifactorial, these type of controlled randonized
  • studies are costly.  Try going off gluten grains and sugars.  What is your body telling you?
  • GREAT SITE to read is Dr. Jeffrey Dach on heart disease risk,  CORONARY ARTERY CALCIUM SCANNING and extended heart risk testing (BOSTON HEART TEST).  We do both of these as part of our clinical care program