Author, Speaker, Integrated Medicine Physician - Margaret Merrifield MD, CCFP, FCFP

1.       Community Outreach 8 Wk Weight Loss Programs
2010-2011 The Full Plate Program (10-30 men and women), Richland WA
2.     Restored Health & Well-Being Using an Integrated Medical Home Model 2008-2012 Group Presentations (10-30 men and women), Richland WA

3.     Adrenal, Hormonal Balance–Gary Null Web Radio Hour  
2007 Interviewed by Henry Grayson PhD in New York,  NY

4.     Presentations to PNNL-Pacific Northwest Labs BATTELLE 
2006-2007 Corporate Health Options in a Rising Cost World                  
5.     Questions on Menopause and Hormonal Balance–Radio Hour 
2005 Hosted by Teresa Tapp, Florida

6.     Women’s World Magazine Interview  
2004 T-Tapp Exercise Program
7.     International Public Television: WORLD Business Review Show
2002 Hosted by: Alexander Haig on Salivary hormonal testing                           
8.     TIDBITS: Monthly column in the local community paper
2001 Various health topics
9.     Print and television presentations, Pullman WA, USA
1993-1997 Numerous Health and Clinic Services topics
Director of Health and Wellness Services at Washington State University

10.   Educational Video: Cable Television. Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
1992 Key participant in the children’s show: ‘Story Time with Sonya Dunn’
A video taped for AIDS Awareness Week focusing on helping children
understand and talk about HIV/AIDS
11.    Educational Video: Lanterns for Peace Project
1990 London Board of Education, London, Ontario, Canada
A video taped for school aged children on conflict management and prevention of nuclear war

12.    Educational Video: Cable Television, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario CA
1990 The video, Come Sit By Me, taped for families on HIV/AIDS prevention
Aired during AIDS Awareness Week
13.   CBC National Radio: CBC Morningside, Toronto, Ontario
1989 Interview: Sexuality, HIV/AIDS and Families
Canada’s most listened to radio hour with legendary Peter Gzowski in Toronto  

12.    Canadian National Television (CTV, CBC, Newsworld)
1989  HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education

13.   Feature story in the Toronto Star,
Canada's National Paper
1989 Children, Sexuality, AIDS Prevention, Toronto
Portfolio available of international, national,
regional/ local television, radio and newspaper interviews from 1989-2003

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