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My Nutrients

For patients on a personalized plan, you may order refills through the clinic at for pickup or mailing. We pass on our savings to you.

To have access to the clinic products plus more click on the icon or link. It will take only a minute or two to set up your account. Shipping/handing is only $4.95 no matter the size of the order. This is especially useful for those out of town or too busy to come to the clinic. Note: Some nutrients are only sold through the clinic.

As a patient there is no sales tax if prescribed nutrients are purchased through the clinic.
  • You may use your Health Savings Account HSA, or workplace Flex Plan
  • Please call 509-628-3060 if you have any further questions.

Choose Oils carefully as they can go rancid and can cause oxidative stress

It's a Mini Mind Vacation
Supplements are food bits and
quality matters,
just like in food

What Patients have Taught Me