Author, Speaker, Integrated Medicine Physician - Margaret Merrifield MD, CCFP, FCFP

1.   Merrifield, M.K., Health in a Nutshell: An educational storybook about optimal health choices for children (4-8), their educators and caregivers
(in Process of choosing publishing methods)

2.   Merrifield, M.K., Come Sit By Me, illustrator Heather Collins
An educational storybook about HIV/AIDS for children (4-8), their educators and caregivers 

  • Women's Press, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
  • Stoddard Publishing, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Translations in French and German
  • French and English videos and posters
  • An award winning Spanish film at the Chicago film Festival
  • Extensive reviews by C. Everett Koop, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and National/International Education and AIDS agencies
  • Poster featured: England’s International AIDS Conference
  • Adopted as part of the Board of Ed resource curriculum in Alberta, Canada
  • Nominated for the Order of Canada
  • Placed in day-cares across Quebec, Canada
  • International interests from Russia, Japan and Europe

3.    Merrifield, M.K., Morning Light, illustrator Heather Collins  
An educational storybook about grief, loss and HIV/AIDS for children (4-8) their educators and caregivers.
  • Stoddart Publishing, a subsidiary of General Publishing Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • English with French translation
  • Written at the request of the Children with Aids Project in Arizona

Both Books presented to the White House by Dave Thomas's Organization: Portfolio available of web, international, national, regional/ local television, radio and newspaper interviews: 1989-2012 

4.   Forward to More Speaking About Sex, Answering Questions Kids Will Ask
  • by Meg Hickling RN, awarded the Order of Canada for her works
  • Northstone Books, Winfield, British Columbia, Canada

5.     Editor/Reviewer and Forward written for Speaking About Sex, Answering the Questions Kids Will Ask  by Meg Hickling, RN
  • Northstone Books, Winfield, B.C.

6.     The Full Plate Diet: helped edit the second practitioner manual as part of the national outreach program for community weight loss.
7.    Collaborator on AIDS Chapter Raising Happy Kids in a Troubled World by Lynne S. Dumas,  Ballantine Books, New York, New York             
8.     Reviewer for Learning about AIDS: A Teacher's and Student Guide
For National Grade 5-6 school curriculumHealth and Welfare Canada, Public Health Dept, Ottawa, Canada  

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