Author, Speaker, Integrated Medicine Physician - Margaret Merrifield MD, CCFP, FCFP
Safe Non Toxic Home Cleaning Products to Trust

Years ago I card for an extremely ill woman (ICU visitor on a regular basis).  Over the years she has regained much of her health.  I asked her to keep her cleaning products non toxic as everything matters when recovering and maintaining your health.  She recently taught me about the French Line called H2O at Home. The chemically sensitive patients are telling me they can use these products. So I decided to change what I use for my home and the clinic. I am impressed.

The only way to get these to the patients is through a direct sales. 
They are not found in stores and we cannot sell them in the clinic.  

Micki Mossbruker, H2O at Home Independent Advisor will answer any questions and help you get the best cost for any needs you have. 
She is a wealth of knowledge.
You can TEXT or CALL her at 509-554-3757