Author, Speaker, Integrated Medicine Physician - Margaret Merrifield MD, CCFP, FCFP
What About Supplements? 

We stress that you, first and foremost,
Restore and Maintain Your Health 
by making Daily Wise Food and Lifestyle Choices

Applying this fundamental key concept will make it easier to heal and sustain vitality both in your body and mind.

Supplements are 'bits of concentrated food' used therapeutically to correct insufficiency or support biological pathways based on both your personal and family history, physical examination and lab testing.
Since 1997, our patients have shown us what works and the labs verify this. At the request of our patients products were researched and brought into the clinic to suit a variety of budgets/needs.
  • We track outcomes at every visit and adjust the plan as necessary 
  • We try to minimize costs to you by looking for the best quality control with the highest industry standard ingredients and by working closely with various manufacturers and vendors who do not use expensive marketing 
  • We do not participate in multilevel marketing programs
  • Discuss with an MD, who has been using nutrient/hormonal therapies successfully since 1997, how quality supplements may benefit you

Further SAVINGS: There is no sales tax on supplements if you are a patient and have your nutrients prescribed through the office  You may also use your Health Savings and Flex Plans (Pre-Tax dollars). Check with your plan.