Author, Speaker, Integrated Medicine Physician - Margaret Merrifield MD, CCFP, FCFP
What Insurance Do You Take?

After 13 years of billing Medicare and the Major insurance plans, we came to a new 'cash up front with help in getting reimbursed' model of payment that works well for many patients.  If you have and 'out -of-network' clause, we can send the paperwork to your carrier at the end of the visit with your help. Medicare does not reimburse out-of-network providers. Most insurance carriers do.

This model of care, wholistic patient-centered medicine, takes time. We do a thorough and comprehensive assessment,  then formulate a treatment plan to address the concerns presented at each visit.

There is an investment of TIME and ENERGY in this model of care. Time is something many insurance carriers are less and less willing to cover. Hopefully this will change in the future. Regrettably we are no longer Medicare providers. We will try to minimize the costs as much as we can and give a discount to medicare patients.
Patients overall report that over time they spend less on acute care visits, drugs, health provider visits etc.  Most say that this care is the best investment they ever made. You can be taught how to save significant health dollars over your lifetime because you have chosen to learn and understand your imbalances and what options you have to live well.  See Does It Work? under Common Questions section.